Online ordering system

Save time and expand your business. Pre-order, print labels to help with food preparation. Then all you need to do is deliver.

  1. Customers order online
  2. All orders stored and labels created.
  3. Prepare the food in your kitchen & deliver.
  4. Invoice your client

Customers can easily browse your online menu on their desktop or mobile device, and select the meals and modify ingredients they want to eat.

Process the order when your ready to do a batch, labels sent to a printer at your store, which will automatically print dockets containing the order details. Then it’s over to you to prepare the order and have it ready for delivery or pickup. It’s that easy!

How it Works

Interludic used Laravel 5.1 & JasperSoft to generate the work orders for the kitchen staff. Hungry users update their lunch orders, Kitchen staff print off the days work, then set out to make 80+ delicious sandwiches every day for people at a Melbourne based private school. School Admin staff set the days users work/eat and the $8.50 daily limit that lunch orders can cost. Meals and ingredients can all be customised. An invoice is raised monthly and sent using Xero api.


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